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Online Support :ZZ-Darts

FAQ: "Can ZZ-Darts be played on Windows XP?"(v0.91e) (April 18, 2003)

ZZ-Darts v0.91e can be played almost well on WinXP. But there is some annoying bug you need to keep in mind when playing.

If you start ZZ-Darts on WinXP and then focus to another window (by pressing Alt+Tab keys), ZZ-Darts' window gets dark and you can no longer continue the game until you quit and restart ZZ-Darts.

The problem also occurs when you push F1 key to read ZZ-Darts' help.

So, to play ZZ-Darts on WinXP,

  • Read its help before the game starts by choosing "ZZ-Darts" - "Playing instruction" from WinXP start menu or double-clicking the help file (index.htm) directly. Do not press F1 key during playing the game.

  • Do not change the focused window until the game ends.

Sorry for your inconvenience. I hope to fix the problem in the future version.

FAQ: "Why can't my darts hit to the right place I'm aiming, while COM players can easily?"(v0.91e) (April 18, 2003)

Here are some tips to win the game.

  • The dart begins flying when you RELEASE the mouse button (NOT when PUSH.) Keep the left button of your mouse depressed while moving the mouse for aiming, bring the cross cursor to the target, and release the button at the very time the light point overlaps with the center of the cross cursor. Perhaps you can throw more accurately with this technique.

  • Get into the rhythm of the flickering of the light point. It goes and comes in some regular cycle, not randomly.

  • If you still feel hard, set "Player 2" option in the option dialog to "Com(Easy)" to ease the difficulty of the game.

FAQ: "Why ZZ-Darts does not work correctly with my computer?"(v0.91e) (January 12, 2002)

There are some possibilities.

- Are you using one of video cards listed below? This version of ZZ-Darts does not support these cards for now. (It will be fixed in future version.)

  • Voodoo

  • Voodoo2

  • PowerVR

- If the dartboard looks totally white in the title screen, it may be the case that your video card does not support Bilinear filtering option. To disable this function, push F6 key in the title screen and turn off Bilinear filtering check box.

FAQ: "Why can't I win the game, even though my score reached 0?"(v0.60e/ei) (May 25, 2001)

You might know about "double-out" rule. ZZ-Darts is programmed in compliance with this popular rule, so you need to hit one of "doubles" (including bull's eye) to win.
For example, when you have 10 points left and hit single-10, you have busted. you need to hit double-5 to win the game.
(Addendum on November 9, 2001 ZZ-Darts v0.91e, which can disable the "Double Out" rule, is released.)

PROBLEM: v0.60e/ei (April 4, 2001)

ZZ-Darts does not work correctly with some video cards like Voodoo, Voodoo2 or PowerVR. It's because of the limitation of the library used to program ZZ-Darts.

PROBLEM: v0.54e (February 2, 1999)

We recommend installing DirectX6 or better if ZZ-Darts does not work correctly with DirectX5.

BUG: v0.53e (January 16, 1999)

Some unwelcome behaviour occur with certain display drivers.
The bug will be fixed in new version,
ZZ-Darts v0.54e.

BUG: v0.52e (January 7, 1999)

Recently we received a report that ZZ-Darts v0.52e displays an error message below.

'The zzdarts.exe file is linked to Missing export USER32.DLL WINNLSEnableIME'

It's caused by ZZ-Darts' illegal calling older version of APIs of WINNLS.

The bug will be fixed in new version, v0.53e
We are sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you.


Any comments, suggestions, or questions to Thanks.

Copyright(C)1998, 2002 Z o o Z o n e

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