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ZZ-Darts v0.91e New!
(For Windows 95/98/Me)
Last Update: November 9, 2001

ScreenShot 1 ScreenShot 2 ScreenShot 3
is a 3D darts simulator for Windows 95, 98 and Me.
You can play '01 game with your friends, families, or 3 computer players of different skills.

FAQ and bug list


  • Windows 95, 98 or Me, VGA.
  • DirectX 5.0(or better) runtime (6.0 or later is recommended)

It is recommended that you have...

  • 3D video accelerator card
  • GM(General MIDI)-conformable sound device


Very sorry but this version of ZZ-Darts does not work correctly with such video cards like Voodoo, Voodoo2 or PowerVR.

Changes from v0.60e:

  • Added optional rules like 301game and Double In/Out.
  • Added a new replay mode.
  • Adjusted game difficulty to some extent. You may feel this version is a bit more hard than the previous one. If so, disabling "Double Out" optional rule may be your help.
  • The computer player now throws his darts at some intervals. The more skillful dart he is going to throw, the longer the interval is.
    For example, the computer throws a dart carefully (after some longer interval time than usual) when the dart is likely to be a finish. (Depress right button of the mouse to skip this interval, if you feel this effect lengthy.)
  • Some of options of the previous version are disused now. They are: "Game difficulty equivalent to v0.5x", "Shading" and "Texture mapping."
    And the default value of "Bilinear Filtering" is changed to "enabled" now.
  • ZZ-Darts now uses Win32 registry to save option settings.
  • Revised graphic data.
  • Added new HTML-format playing instruction.
  • The object code gets bloated greatly in its size. It's mostly because of newly using another library (or "STL" if you know).
  • "No installer" version no longer exists. V0.90 is distributed always with an installer and an uninstaller.


v0.91e (0.66MB) (with an installer/uninstaller, easy to install.)

Copyright(C)1998 - 2001 Z o o Z o n e

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